Attention Landlords & Estate Agents

As I’m sure you’re aware, by law all rented properties containing a supply of gas to the property has to have an annual 12 monthly gas check carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, this is called a CP12. This is done to protect the tenant, the property and yourselves against any dangers natural gas, and the appliances burning it may cause.

Now using e-certificate's which can be sent to you and your tenants directly and can be stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Frequently asked questions

So what are some of the main checks of a CP12?

1.) Gas pressures and gas rates on all appliances.

2.) Burner/combustion Seals on all appliances.

3.) Soundness test (gas leak test) and inspection of gas pipework.

4.) Flue flow test, flue continuity check flue termination check on all appliances.

5.) System water pressure on boiler.

6.) Flue Gas analysis tests on all appliances.

7.) Flame Safety Devices on all appliances.

8.) Visual inspection of gas flame aeration.

9.) Knowledge of compliance to the updated Gas Safety Regulations.

So much does its cost for a Landlord Gas Check?

Just £50 + VAT per certificate/property* which lasts 12 months

Do the appliances in the property need servicing?

There are benefits from servicing a gas appliance however it isn’t a requirement by law, unless a lack of servicing makes the appliance unsafe, and this would be picked up on the CP12 inspection.

If servicing is required in combination with the CP12 inspection, a discount would be applied.

I am a Landlord/Estate Agent with multiple properties. What can Ignite Gas Ltd do for me?

Ignite Gas Ltd is committed to looking after your tenants and your properties with the upmost professionalism, from using dust sheets and overshoes keeping your property clean, to providing another form of heat in the event of a boiler breakdown in winter with the requirement of a second visit for parts. We will always be on hand to give you advice to keep your costs low therefore your profits on your rent high.

Discounted rates on all work may apply, please contact Lee Baines on 0116 359 3100 for a friendly chat.

What do I have to do next?

Contact us on any of our numbers or by email with your details, your tenant’s details and we will do the rest.

We will also contact you with a reminder every year to make sure your certificate never runs out.

*Maximum of 4 appliances per property before extra charges may apply.

Why use Ignite Gas Ltd?

  • tickWe use the top brand name parts
  • tickWe have multiple special offers on currently. (See the Special offers page.
  • tickGas Safe Register, Corgi and L.P.G. Qualified
  • tickWe offer competitive rates so please call us on 0116 359 3100.

Why not Contact Us? Our contact numbers are:

Leicester: 0116 359 3100
Melton Mowbray: 01664 550 014
Loughborough: 01509 590 039
Coalville: 01530 490 019